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Expanding our Horizons - Phoenix Choir's 5th Season 1987/1988

12 May. 2013 Posted by Anonymous (not verified)


Season Five for Phoenix was a year of expanding our horizons and supporting the community through song!

First of all, the Phoenix family saw a few changes in Season 5.  We welcomed Terry Horner and Lance Shandler as new members, and we welcomed back Paul Nash for his first full season (he had joined us in the previous spring).  No changes in the ladies’ sections though – those Phoenix women were in it for the long haul!

Once again, we opened the Phoenix season with our Fall Retreat at Deb’s Brunswick Beach cabin.  And, we loved it so much that we went back again in January for a spring retreat. 

Above all, the fifth Phoenix season was bustling with performance opportunities.  Our first performance of the season was in support of Amnesty International, held in Mission in November.  At our fall concert, we were fortunate to be able to premiere a work by John Burge called “Sunblue - Three Images of Canadian Spring”. This piece went on to win first prize in the PROCAN competition for Young Composers, with the help of our recorded performance. Also in November, we won a competition without even singing a note - our logo had been entered in a design competition by its creators, and won first place!  In early December, we were very honoured to be chosen to perform at the gala celebrating the Canadian Music Centre’s Tenth Anniversary. The event was held at The Hotel Vancouver, and we shared the stage with our future patroness, Judith Forst. 

All in all, December was a busy month, with a concert at Century House Seniors’ Centre, our Christmas concerts at Isadora’s, door to door caroling, and singing on the Early Edition at CBC on Christmas Eve.

After our return to Brunswick Beach for another retreat in January, we got right back into concerts. In March, we had performances at the Diamond Alumni Centre at SFU to support the United Way, and another for Amnesty International at M.E.I. in Clearbrook. That led us into our own Spring concert that was held at Shaughnessy Heights in April.

Finally, our big Hollywood debut! On April 22, the movie The Unholy opened. We went to see it and waited patiently at the end to see our name up on the big screen. And there it was…right after “Animal Handlers”!

To cap off the season, we had MORE very exciting news… we had placed first in the Chamber Choir category AND first place in the Contemporary category for the CBC Choral Competition! And once again, we were chosen to represent Canada at the International EBU Choral Competition to be held in 1989.  Unbelievable!

So to celebrate our incredibly successful season, we threw two parties! The first was a pool party at Cort’s in July, and then the Third Annual Beer BBQ at Spanish Banks.

And, speaking of expanding our horizons, this was the season that our Phoenicians started to LITERALLY expand.  We really ARE the Phoenix Family!

In 1987/1988 Phoenix was…


Sopranos Altos Tenors Basses

Margaret Barry

Sheryl DeCoste

Rosemary Lister (Lindsay)

Josie Martens

Charlene Gallaher

Deborah Mehes (Gibson)

Barb Paul

Joy Smith

Dennis Colpitts

Stephen Grant

Giles Gysel

Terry Horner

Lance Shandler

Elliott Dainow

Al McLellan

Paul Nash

Bill Paul

Grant Rowledge

Stuart Tarbuck

If you're enjoying the Phoenix History Project, please be sure to like our Facebook page or leave us your email address so we can keep in touch with you in the future.  More to come next week - Season 6 in 1988/1989!


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