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Leanne Dalton

I'm Leanne.  I sang my first concert with Phoenix in the spring of 1987 – at the tender age of 17! – and was a regular sub until I became a full member in 1990. I've been in Phoenix for more than half my life, and have literally grown up with my Phoenix family.  I started out as a violinist, but one day Cortland Hultberg, founding director of Phoenix, brought the UBC Chamber Singers to my high school for a concert.  As soon as I heard that sound - a cappella choral singing of a quality and precision and beauty I had never heard before - I knew I HAD to be in that choir.  It became my focus and primary goal.   Two years later I joined that choir, and I've been lucky enough to continue making that beautiful music ever since.  I earned an MBA after my B.Mus from UBC and am currently a senior administrator in Student Services at Simon Fraser University.  Plus, I have a wonderful husband and beautiful family of three growing boys.  It's a busy existence, but those two hours each week of choral submersion feed my soul.  I truly believe that choir is a representation of everything that's right about humanity.