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14 Apr. 2013 Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Introducing the Phoenix History Project!


Celebrating 30 years of Phoenix!

Welcome to a stroll down memory lane as we revisit each year of Phoenix history from our beginnings in 1983 to the present. Along the way, we hope to remind you of the many wonderful choral moments and fun times we have shared. Plus, the photos will remind many of us of our swell fashion choices and awesome hairstyles over the years...

Each week we will feature one year of Phoenix history, on both our website and Facebook page. We will reach the present just in time for our 30th Anniversary Concert in November 2013 - which we sincerely hope you will attend to celebrate our milestone with us!

28 Mar. 2013 Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Announcing - the new Phoenix website!

We are so pleased to reveal our brand new Phoenix Chamber Choir website!  While you're here, why not check out a few things?  There's lots to see!  You can: